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Torrington Fire Service Deploys Rover Mobile Response from Spotted Dog Technologies 

Communications Technology to Aid in Turnout and Call-back Protocols


Monroe, CT. February 6, 2018 – Spotted Dog Technologies, a leading provider of emergency response solutions, announced that the Torrington Fire Service in Torrington, CT has implemented the Rover Incident Response Platform and Mobile App to aid firefighters in responding when an emergency occurs and call back of firefighters is needed.  

The Torrington Fire Service is made up of both career and volunteer firefighters. The Torrington Fire Department is made up of career firefighters manning two fire stations in Torrington and there are two departments staffed by all-volunteers in Torringford and Drakeville.  Volunteers in Torrington are called to assist on 20% of the city’s incidents. The Department averages 2200 incidents per year covering 42.5 square miles and protecting a population of 35,000.

For the volunteer departments, the Rover Platform and Mobile App alerts the departments’ volunteers when there is an incident through the mobile app installed on the firefighter’s cell phone. Through the app, first responders can instantly notify the department that they are available to respond to a call. When the volunteer responds, Rover automatically displays the responder’s qualifications and estimated time of arrival to the station. While responding, each firefighter’s position is tracked on a map as they make their way to the firehouse.

“Knowing exactly who is available and when they will reach the station has made it possible to understand how long to hold an engine before leaving for the incident,” said Michael Maccalous, Fire Chief of Drakeville. “Rover also provides our volunteers with the location of hydrants and hazards, so we’re best prepared when we reach the scene.”
In addition to the many standard features of Rover, the engineers at Spotted Dog worked with the leadership of the Torrington Fire Department to develop a new function that allows the career departments to use the mobile app to organize call-backs. A call-back or recall is used when the department needs to notify and request that off-duty career firefighters report to their station to respond to an incident. Once the incident commander initiates a call-back through the Rover app and specifies the number of firefighters needed, the Rover system generates an alert and then tracks the staff’s response. It is programmed to accept the correct number of needed staff and inform everyone when the callback requirement is met.  

According to Torrington’s Deputy Chief David Tripp, “As soon as we started using Rover, it was instantly apparent what a time-saver this tool was going to be. Once we send out a call-back request, we know within minutes that we’ve got the right number of firefighters mobilized,” said Tripp. “It’s just another way we are working to deliver exceptional service to the Torrington community.”

Spotted Dog’s Rover is currently used by over 25,000 first responders at 500 agencies in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The company is headquartered in Monroe, CT. For more information, visit

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