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ROVER is the CAD-to-mobile emergency response technology that helps manage and mobilize first responders in the first crucial minutes of an incident.

Improve outcomes with faster, safer response

When an incident occurs, you'll want Rover by your side, instantly relaying the call out to your responders' mobile devices and shaving seconds off their reply. With one touch on the Rover app, responders send their availability while Rover automatically fetches their credentials, location and travel time. The app provides all the details of the incident so responders and commanders have the knowledge they need to be ready to roll.

Gain Total Situational Awareness

Rover takes responder management to a new level. Incident commanders instantly know who is on the way as well as their skill level and arrival time in order to make more informed decisions on vehicle departure and mutual aid. Using the Rover app you can track responders, locate hydrants and hazards and access 1000's of preplans, getting everyone on the same page for smarter engagement.

Responder Circle

Real Time Resource Tracking

Once responders have confirmed their acceptance and are on the way, Rover provides everyone who has secure access to the Rover portal (via station dashboard, laptop, in-vehicle tablets or cell phone) with the precise location of each responder and a countdown to their arrival. The Rover map includes pinpoint access to the incident's location, vehicles and all available hydrants inside and outside the perimeter.


Superior Features and Functionality

Trust Rover to provide the most reliable and user-friendly tools for your agency

Cloud Based

As a cloud solution, there is no additional hardware to purchase or software to install. We will handle all the set-up and support, and keep you up-to-date with the latest features.

Easy Integration

Rover integration is easy and seamless giving first responders greater access to vital information and the ability for information to be shared between agencies.

Better Resource Planning

Having information on all responders’ availability, location and credentials helps incident command determine the need for secondary alerts and mutual aid.

GPS & Real-time Tracking

Rover calculates the estimated arrival time of all responders and maps their location in real time as they move toward their destination.

Maximize Equipment

Understanding the arrival time of responders ensures that all vehicles are staffed appropriately before leaving the station.

Locate Water Sources And Hazards

Rover provides access to hydrant maps and 1000’s of pre-incident plans.

Google & Waze Integration

Responders can get visual and audio turn-by-turn navigation from the app they are most familiar with.

Fully Customizable

We will work with you to customize Rover to the meet the needs of your department, with the terminology your team is most familiar with. 

Here’s What Our Customers Think

We’ve been using ROVER for over ten years and it just keeps getting better. We count on the Rover App to ensure that we know exactly who is on the way and when they’ll get to the station. We don’t wait around for our guys to show up, or risk leaving someone behind.

Chief Robert Galbraith
Stevenson Fire

We are proud to serve small & large fire and rescue agencies in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

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