There's a lot of tail wagging going on.

A Clear Choice

"There’s nothing worse than leaving the station by yourself or with a minimal crew and finding out that others arrived after you departed. I depend on the mobile app to let me know who is coming to the station and when they will arrive. I have also found that pagers may be out of LMR range or in an LMR dead zone while cell phones will work anywhere in their area. Additionally, information clarity is another way the cell phone outperforms pagers. While radio transmission on pagers is often garbled, the phone app provides me with a digital view in English which eliminates any confusion. It also provides me with the history of the dispatch so on a day with multiple back-to-back or simultaneous calls, I get a clear picture of what’s going on.”

Scott Schmaling, Vice President, Stepney Vol Fire Co No 1 Inc.

The Solution is in the Pocket

"Our cell phones have become an integral part of everyday living; it’s second nature to always have it with you. Having to carry another bulky device doesn’t make sense. Younger firefighters do not want to be tied down by pagers and often leave them at home. Pagers can end up being a huge waste of resources when everyone already has their own device in their pocket. We rely on Rover to display an aerial or satellite view of the incident with the graphic position of hydrants along with their calculated distance from the alarm location. With Rover, the days of having to hunt for hydrants or lay in from a bad location are gone." 

Jeff Thomas, President, Absecon City Fire Department, No. 1

Rover is a faithful companion to a department's current communications equipment.

Are you prepared in the event that severe weather or other unforeseen problems occur that make radio communications impossible - even for the shortest time?
With Rover, you can be assured that you have a way to communicate with first responders in the event of that primary communication systems are non-responsive. 

Works with any mobile device, tablet and desktop.

Integrates seamlessly with any CAD

Pinpoints each responder with GPS geolocation and live map tracking

Displayes ETA of all responders based on real-time date

Provides up-to-date data on water assets and hazards

Stores and displays 1000's of preplans

Customized to your department and shortcut language

Simple to set-up. Easy to use.

In addition to all the essential features needed for incident response, Rover provides tools for other department communication such as scheduling, training, company bulletins and secure one-to-one messaging.